Command & Conquer 3

To date in the Command and Conquer Games

This will be the best Out of all the games in the past
this game has the best graphics's on a complete 3-d battle
field.As new of a release this game is there are not cheats
or mod map to date! but keep in touch if you're a die hard
Command and Conquer gamer you know that it will just be a
matter of time before those cheats and hint will be coming
but for now just enjoy the great new game of Command & Conquer



Read my post for several cheats!

If you enjoy playing Command&Conquer General I've place several posts here on how to play with either China or USA! Didn't place any for GlA because don't like them lol.But Have fun and try some of this cheats out!


Name Of Tactic: China Nuke Cannon Tips

Nuke cannons are very good against tanks. Here's a few points to note:
-Protect your nuke cannons,group them with overlords
-Raptors and other airplanes will take them out,so be careful. Try getting a force of 5 lords,2-3 nuke cannons and 2 gattling tanks.
-MiGs are vital to your sucess,use them to bomb out airfields.
-Distract your enemy from his main tank group ie. [Sending Black Lotus to capture stuff, then set up the nuke cannon.]

Here's a list of what the nuke cannon kills:
-1 hit-ALL infantry
-All GLA units (I'm not sure on this one, but kills most GLA units)
-Batllemasters and Dragon tanks and gattling tanks
-Troop crawlers, humvees, ambulances
-2 hits- all other stuff I havent mentioned except the Overlord Tanks
-(3-4 hits) -Overlord Tanks (duh!)

No one survives a straight fight with the Chinese because of their nuke cannons. Damages a 9 square radius- Kills 9 tanks grouped in all square 3X3. It is a truly devastating weapon, and used correctly behind Overlord Tanks will kill lots of stuff!


Name Of Tactic: Using the Black Lotus

The key to this strategy is the Black Lotus. If made early enough in the game she can be better that a flame tank doing a rush on your opponent.

1) Send your first builder truck to important oil rigs or another supply area. In the meantime queue 2 more and the satellite.
2) Take the 2nd dozer and build power.
3) Take 1st dozer when it arrives at location to build barracks if next to oil rigs or gattling cannon if it’s a supply area.
4) Take 3rd dozer and build supply near base.
5) Queue capture building from barracks.
6) 2nd dozer build war factory.
7) 1st dozer build supply.
8) 3rd dozer build propaganda center.
9) queue as many gattling tanks as you have buildings & protect each building with one.
10) capture oil using men from barracks and build black lotus.
11) Get the black lotus across to his base and take War factory, then barracks, then command.

In this strategy he isn’t expecting this attack so early, and the fun of it is your base has a Gattling tank round every building so if he gets the same idea, then he won’t be able to hurt a power plant.

By the time you have 2 or 3 of his buildings, in the amount of money you have made you should have 4 or 5 overlords making any attack on your base down right stupid. And if he thinks his air power will benefit him – with a gattling canon on every building believe me he will find it very difficult


Name Of Tactic: Dozer Rush

Only suitable for small-medium 1v1 maps against GLA...

Very simple and so fast it'll shock the enemy. As soon as the game starts, queue a dozer then radar. Then drive your 1st dozer over to the enemy base and run over the workers that are constructing "arms dealer" and "stinger sites" only, that shouldn't take too long. As soon as you done that, start building a gattling gun in their base near the supply source and command center (by now you should have already got the power plant and supply center done. (don't build a barracks in your base). When that's done, build a barracks in their base and start pumping out tank hunters. Build a 2nd gattling near their arms dealer which is incomplete. Start from there, then it's up to you how you how you want to finish them off.

Note: The aim is to get there and prevent them from building any tanks. You have to be real fast and watch out for rocket soldiers.


Name Of Tactic: Defending China from the enemy

When you 1st start build a couple of dozers then build a barracks. When you've finished building your barracks get your dozers to go to the entrance(s) or exit(s). Build a bunker and pump out some rocket troops. Then build a gattling cannon then a bunker and keep repeating. Then when you have enough cash pump out heaps of rocket troops and put them in and around the Bunker(s) and gattling Cannon(s). When you've done that build a propaganda center. When that's done research nationalism and speakers. After that build propaganda towers next to the bunkers and gattling cannons. If you build propaganda towers it increases the rate of fire by 50% of units and base defenses in the radius. And upgrade to chain guns at the war factory.


Name Of Tactic: USA Humvee Rush

1. Get a 2nd dozer.
2. Get barracks, supply per normal.
3. Get war factory.
4. Scan his base- If he has some troopers, pump 2 humvees out, if he is lacking in troops, 1 is enough.
5. Go by a less direct route.
6. Run his workers down ^_^
7. Rinse & repeat, don't let them build any Stingers, run the workers down again.
*You may want to send more humvees filled with rangers to throughly wipe him out

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